Tuesday, September 13, 2011

built-in bookcase color dilemma

I desperately would like to have my living room all unpacked and decorated, given it is the room I spend the majority of my time in…..it'd be nice to have one little clean space to escape to. But, what is holding me back is the built-in bookcase next to the fireplace that is currently painted a bright shade of red (the picture above is from when the previous owner still lived here—no, I do not own a collection of antique bells). I am just not a fan of the color red in a living room—it's too intense and energizing in a room that I associate with peace and relaxation. At any rate, I need to repaint this bookshelf ASAP so I can finish the room, but am really struggling with choosing a color! I am also adamant about using a low-VOC paint so that is limiting my choices a bit, on top of my indecision. I've already been to Home Depot 4 times to look at paint samples and still no decision. Perhaps I need to visit a Benjamin Moore? I've had better luck with their paint selection in the past. 

So, what I had in mind was my living room in San Francisco that was painted in two different shades of green. I found it incredibly peaceful and relaxing….

But, I haven't been able to match these colors yet….also, I'm not whether to go dark or light. Here are some possibilities I've come up with so far:



  1. hmmmm-like the third the best of the choices...what color are the walls? white? you should look up this article in an old issue of Living (it's a color issue form a couple years back) called Superneutrals- it has a whole set of 10+ super neutrals that can go anywhere...it shoube linked on the Martha website!-Hannah

  2. Paint #2 is my favorite! In fact so much so that it may appear soon in a room of my own. :)


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