Tuesday, September 27, 2011

around the world

Back before marriage and home ownership, I used to dream about becoming a travel photographer….roaming the globe, experiencing the contrast of the world's many different landscapes, and capturing the beauty to take home with me. I tend to find myself in inspiration ruts quite often when I'm stuck in the same place for too long. Some locations are obviously more inspiring than others and can keep me in a nearly perpetual state of art pouring out of me, such as San Francisco (oh, how I miss thee!). Then there are the places that leave me artistically bored, such as San Diego (honestly, it's beautiful, but I lived there for 4 months and got up and moved so quickly because I was so uninspired and out of place). 

Here's hoping that my new hometown in the Berkshires will lead to an unending supply of artistic juice! In the meantime, I can always travel the world through photos…..

Machu Picchu by Jentrance

Provence Village, France by Tommy Turner Photo

Alaska Reflection by Stampdr

Iceland Waterfall by Premiere Photography

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland by Tim Schultz Photography

Nepal Himalayas at Night by Michael Prior Photography

India Taj by Amy Jill Photography

Prague by Photography by Sylvia Mioduszeewska


  1. Thanks for featuring my photo! I'm excited to check out your blog :) Good luck in your new home town! I'm just settling in my new home town too!

  2. thank you for including my print! it's so easy to get into a rut; david duchemin's workshop on creativeLIVE last summer was SO inspiring on that front.


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