Friday, September 2, 2011

sneak peak: my future studio space

As I mentioned last week, I cannot wait to set up my studio in our new house. At the moment every room in the house (besides the sunroom/my future studio space) is littered with mountains of boxes, packing paper strewn about the floors like the aftermath of a ticker tape parade, and the only items I've seemed to unpack are my buddha collection and sprigs of sage. I am not kicking this move's ass at all. In fact, I've been in bed for the majority of the past 10 days that we've lived here…sick and tired (literally). Yet with all the work to be done, the one thing I am obsessed with is putting my art studio together. At the same time I haven't begun to for fear my husband would come home to survey the progress I've made and feel a bit confused by the urgency I've placed on unpacking my paints rather than, say…the dishes or our clothes. So, I will wait a little bit longer…sigh. 

A sneak peak at the space though (the very first room to be unveiled here as I vowed not to post pictures of the inside of the house until I began working on projects).

It's a bit tricky in that there isn't any wall space other than a tiny slice of space directly to the left of where I'm standing while taking this picture. The most important thing in a studio (for me) is an inspiration wall so I'm going to have to get creative not having any walls. The former owner had art mobiles hanging from the wood beams, which was kind of neat. I could also hang paintings from hooks above the doors, but I don't know that I want the view to be obstructed. Ideas?

The other tricky thing about the room is that the one "wall" has a huge bay window jutting out of it! The sunroom was an addition put on by the former owner and I guess she decided that removing the window and making a real wall would be too much work? Not sure.


  1. It s such a great space!!! SO much light...I say put the removal of the window and buidling a wall over the space on your future to-do list- it wouldn't be that big of a project- I know someone who filled in a doorway themselves...
    and I really like the way that paintings (or in your case possibly fabric covered coark inspiration boards look positioned between two windows(overlapping on either side)- you could totally do that- especially on the side windows!

  2. What a beautiful and peaceful space! You could make a screen or purchase one and hang your art work from the screen, really from either side of it too. Or maybe create a "clothes line" using metal wire from one wall to the next and hang them.

  3. ahhh, such great ideas ladies!!! thank you!!!


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