Monday, February 27, 2012

baby brunch

We had our pre-baby brunch this weekend and I couldn't feel any more blessed right now. We enjoyed the afternoon with the most lovely, small group of family and friends, eating scrumptious food and insane pastries. I'm truly overwhelmed by how much effort and love was put into this shower…thank you to everyone who pitched in to make the day absolutely perfect! The interesting thing is, Alex and I feel better prepared for parenthood after this event. Not just because of the generous gifts, but because we felt so much love and support, so much shared excitement and joy for our new little addition, and so much guidance from all the veterans in our life (thanks for the long discussion on potential nipple ailments and the cloth diapering demo, ladies!). xo 

Adorable craft project for guests:
have people cut out little creatures
from cloth and affix them to onesies.

Never thought I'd see my father enjoy an afternoon
of baby crafts. So cute.

The baby wearing the t-shirt made
for her by the ever-creative
4-yr-old Zella.

Gluten-free spice cake with buttercream frosting.

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  1. it's a beautiful thing to see you, russ and taylor with such great smiles and together. much love. :)


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