Monday, February 6, 2012

let the decorating begin!

Hallelujah, the nursery is done! Well, it's now a blank slate for my decorating that is. I told Alex last night that I think the nursery was his pregnancy—it caused him so much physical pain, there have been surprises at every turn, it's been exhausting, and it's taken so many long months to create.  

Up next, a homemade crib skirt and window treatment thanks to the lovely Hannah J. Here's the fabric I chose for both:

And now that I have empty walls to fill I have no more excuses to procrastinate on making some art! It's time to crack open those art supplies for the first time in my pregnancy (that's so depressing). 

The nursery may not look like much right now, but believe me it's an entirely different room than when we moved in. Originally the walls featured tan wallpaper on two walls and bookcase wallpaper on the other two walls. Here's where we started (poor quality photo taken with the former owner's belongings still in it):

We pulled down the bookcase wallpaper only to find some terrifying 1940's teddybear themed paper. The walls were basically beyond repair, but we decided to forgo the recommendation that we put up completely new walls (in retrospect that probably would've been easier, faster and cheaper…..sigh) in lieu of slightly imperfect patched walls.

Notice the lovely lime green baseboards, which matched the lime green ceilings, trim and doors…lovely...

And now:

The above is the most amazing sight I've seen in months! I can't explain the happiness I felt when Alex revealed the new room after spending 4 hours on his hands and knees scrubbing the floors clean. And then to watch him with his father and brother putting together the crib and dresser yesterday….it was like taking a tranquilizer after months of wondering if this baby would have a room before she was born.

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