Tuesday, March 15, 2011

garden poetry

Garden Poetry, originally uploaded by ladybugrock.
Alone in the garden,
she picked flowers barefoot.
Grass damp with spring rain
made her feet cold.
But the long forgotten sun warmed her skin and her soul sang.
~Lady Bug Rock

We're all getting pretty excited here in Connecticut, because the weather has been growing warmer, teasing us with the possibility that spring might finally be here. As I sit here writing this in the early morning it is still dark outside, but I can hear the birds chirping already which lifts my spirits.

Interesting how our bodies instantly react to birds chirping, isn't it? We subconsciously associate their song with warm days and sunny mornings, and on a deeper level, happiness. I've honestly been feeling more gung ho the past week with the birds tweeting as I eat my breakfast. Perhaps because the sound reminds me of days spent barefoot in the grass with the warmth of the sun coaxing me out of my vitamin D deprivation. Yes....how I love the changing of the seasons. And it wouldn't be the same (for me) without the end-of-the-season "I've reached my threshold!" I always experience an excitement for the new season, whatever season it happens to be, but inevitably come to a point when I'm ready for it to change again.

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