Thursday, March 3, 2011

innate talent

To Be Yourself by Bubby & Bean

I like to believe that we are all born with our personal talents and passions already imprinted in our souls, and all it takes to bring them out is an environment and support system that allows us to play freely and take part in the activities we feel naturally drawn toward. Research has proven that humans have the capacity to learn how to do, but I'm talking about an innate affinity and proficiency toward something.

Believing that we have innate talents is what causes me to feel so fascinated by children playing. It's so interesting to watch them choose activities on their own or because something they see an adult doing sparks an interest to mimic. For instance, one little boy I know loves to take pictures. I feel like most children like to play with cameras, but this little boy seems to take it very seriously. He has watched me work and has picked up on my verbal cues and gestures while I shoot and he's now begun to mimic me almost perfectly. I usually have a deal with him that if he lets me take pictures of him, he can then take pictures of me. Well, this last time he was composing his frames by checking the background and moving things farther and closer to me, telling me how to sit and how to hold my body, and what expressions to use. Besides being super adorable, I loved watching him "try on" a passion.

Perhaps I'm biased, but I thought he did a great job capturing real emotion and I totally heart his pictures. Here are my top favorites:

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