Friday, March 25, 2011


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Love this photo! The lightening and emotion are so powerful, and the slightly off-center focal point really works here. I immediately identified with this image, partly due to the fact that I've been away from my husband for a week now and am very much anticipating his return late tonight. But, the intensity in which I identify with this image goes much deeper than just a week apart.

My relationship with my husband began long distance, with me on the west coast and him on the east coast (literally on the ocean for both of us, in other words as far away as possible). Being old classmates and pen pals, we decided to have dinner when I was visiting the east coast one Christmas. We knew there was an attraction before this planned reunion, but we never considered how painful it would be to fall in love over the course of my 2-week visit and then have to say goodbye with no real "plan" for the future.

Alex drove me to the airport New Year's Day in 2008 and when he left me at the curb, the aching began in my chest. I knew at that moment that I never wanted to be separated from this man again. And my husband admits to the same aching and sadness as he drove away. We dated long-distance for 4 months and while that doesn't sound like a long time, it sure felt like an eternity at the time. It felt tragic to finally meet the person I had waited my whole life for only to have to say goodbye so quickly (which is why I moved to be with him, smile).

Long distance dating is not easy feat to tackle, but one of perks is the intensity and passion you feel every time you are reunited. What's interesting is that I never seemed to let go of that intense reunited/painful goodbye pattern. The experience of it at the very beginning of our relationship was so symbolic in that once I had found what I was looking for all my life, I was heartbroken at the thought of loosing it. I never experienced separation anxiety as a child, but now, as an adult, it seems to be ever-present (I'm hoping that will dull with time!).

Here's to lovers reuniting!

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