Tuesday, March 8, 2011

spring is just around the corner

Flower Photography by Bomobob

It's that time of year when us New Englanders begin to wonder exactly how long it is until we feel the sweet, rejuvenating breeze of Spring across our cheeks. There is nothing quite like that first luke-warm, grass-scented bluster of air. It has such a distinct and pleasant aroma that fills you with energy, hope, and glee as you push open your storm windows and pull down the screens. Ahhhh! It truly feels like a rebirth every year......and I could not live without the changing seasons!

As I hustle myself out the door this morning, I've got spring photography on the mind! I love to capture the moment when nature begins to wake up, and the glorious explosion of flowers that only lasts for a mere, but glorious, second out of each year. Macro flower photography is definitely high on my list of favorite things to shoot! Until that moment arrives......some springtime beauty to look forward to:

Wonderland by Raceytay

Set of 6 Daffodils by Rocky Top Studios

Spring Sunshine Daisy by Dragonfly New Media

Emerging by Emelia Jane Photography

Tranquility by Photography by Lori H.

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