Monday, March 21, 2011

aqua leaves

My husband left for tennis training camp in Florida yesterday morning, leaving me home alone for a week. I am not a fan of being away from him for that long, even being the
introvert I am who loves her alone time. It's really insane to me that there is a person on this planet that I can stand being around as much as I am around the hubs, but it's a truth I enjoy! Sadness aside (and yes, I did tear up when he said goodbye, my god I'm emotional), I was looking forward to a very quiet Sunday of art projects.

I have many works in progress at the moment, and also had some final touches to put on old paintings. One painting I am excited to be working on is for my baby niece's nursery. I felt inspired by the completely empty, aqua walls of her room when I went to visit, and immediately volunteered to paint something. This is my first attempt at children's art, but so much fun to create! I've only laid down the first two solid layers (the aqua and blue piece above), but I'll be sure to post the final result when I finish it.

Here is one finished project:

I'm really loving these metallic natural leaves that I picked up at the art store! Good buy!

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