Monday, June 20, 2011

the best of two years

Last week I posted the last two years of my portfolio in honor of my moving on to a new chapter of life, and today I end my reminiscing with the best of the last two years: a pictorial. It's been an incredible journey: leaving my single-lady apartment in San Francisco, moving to Southern CT, Colorado road trip, the most romantic proposal I could've imagined, getting married in idyllic Vermont in the fall foliage (and a little snow!), camping in the Adirondacks, too many Phish concerts to count, honeymooning in Antigua, an epic tour of Upstate New York, yoga in the Berkshires, my first jobs and sales as a photographer, my first art show…and good times with friends and family. I can't wait to see what adventures life has ahead of us now... 


And on to a bright, new chapter in life!


  1. OH MY LORD!!! you did NOT post that picture of me from the bachelorette party! ahahahahahaha good times. I'm glad you've had a FAB few years. keep it up.

  2. oh, yes i did!! lol. it really captures the essence of the bachelorette party. what an interesting night!


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