Monday, May 23, 2011

small town charm

As I mentioned on Friday, I was up in the Northern Berkshires visiting the area my husband and I may move to. It was a short trip, but between the two of us I think we got a pretty good taste of what life might be like in this small town perched beside the Deerfield River and embraced by mountains on all sides. 

While my husband was in his interview, I explored the adorable Shelburne Falls with its quaint downtown, natural food co-op, yoga studio, art galleries, a bridge made entirely of flowers, roaring falls, and glacial potholes (deep holes that formed when the glaciers melted). The area also has a high concentration of artists and a plethora of state forests in every direction…..not to mention it's 20 minutes from Vermont! Could this be home? (Excuse the crappy, rainy day photos)...

I tried to imagine what my life might look like with such natural visual inspiration surrounding me (in place of the concrete jungle I'm currently looking at), perhaps writing my blog from the organic coffee shop that I wrote in on Friday every morning, and finding a community to share my art in. 

You take a risk any time you move so it's difficult to say if reality would/will match my daydream, but I feel fairly certain that my life is about to open up in such a beautiful new direction—artistically, spiritually and the general landscape of my days— where ever we may land.

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