Friday, January 7, 2011


A few months ago, I started reading up on how to create a successful blog. I have been blogging for years, but not very successfully, and suddenly felt pulled toward dedicating myself to my blog. I had this strong feeling that writing every day was what I was supposed to be doing so I set out to do just that. My philosophy toward life, especially a creative one, is that we have to trust where we're being led, put our energy into what we feel drawn toward today, and let go as your path unfolds. So, when I felt a connection between my blog and my path, the way I approached blogging changed dramatically.

Surely, I feel there is a connection between my blog and my career, but for me it's much more than that. Since shifting the focus and intention of my writing, and really opening myself up, I have felt lighter and freer. It's entirely therapeutic for me to sit down every morning with the intention of being totally honest and sharing myself as a whole rather than just the "good" parts. Let's face it, we are all human and any attempt to put forth a slightly skewed image of ourselves that totally ignores our imperfections and struggles, balks at that very fact. I admit, I have been one such individual for most of my life....attempting to hide and deny my imperfections and operating under the veneer of false images I had cooked up.

It is liberating for me to finally be living as a whole individual. My greatest act of strength, courage, and confidence every day is being honest about my life and who I front of an audience. It's interesting how many of us have the warped belief that sharing our broken places and admitting we are imperfect would mean showing our weakness. To me, it is a sign of strength.

At any rate, I'm so grateful for this blog, and for my audience. Thank you for reading, and for all your support!


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  1. It is cool have an audience right? but I still find it hard to open myself up completly- I feel there are some things that I want my blog to be a platform for- and other things that I do not- but I guees being open to the possibility of that changing is always good. I admire your ability to share! Oh- and whats up with you writing at 5 am???

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