Monday, January 17, 2011

the many faces of hannah j

This past weekend I got together with the lovely Hannah J to plan our upcoming art show (consider this an announcement!), and to shoot some new profile pictures. We always seem to loose track of time gossiping and chatting away, so it wasn't a surprise to realize that we only ended up with a 1/2 hour of time for the actual photo shoot. Even with the limited time though, I am quite pleased with the results. I have so many more portraiture ideas for Hannah, but for now I have this beautiful array of facial expressions.

I, myself, have many facial expressions in real life, but I really struggle to bring them out when I am in front of the camera. I was so impressed by Hannah's ability to dig through a plethora of faces....she is just so expressive and lively to photograph. In other words, a photographer's dream.

As for the art show, Hannah and I are planning a joint art show this spring, on May 7th (tentative date). I am quite excited about this project and thrilled to be working with Hannah. If you live within driving distance of Hartford, CT, consider stopping by our art show to preview some of work (1/2 of which will be for viewing pleasure and 1/2 will be displayed for sale). Drink some wine, nibble on some cheese and get to know two passionate and quirky artists. We will be posting more information about this event in the coming months.

One of the greatest rewards of working with Hannah is the creative idea swapping. I found myself with so many new ideas and inspiration after our quick planning session and immediately began further building my blog, adding all the new tabs you see at the top (Portrait Portfolio, Fine Art Portfolio, Services, and About Lola), as well as putting up a new banner and one of my new profile pictures taken by Hannah.

Stay tuned for more information about our art opening!


  1. great post! so exciting- I am sooo looking forward to the show!!! I too was super inspired after our meeting- it's so nice to have your creative energy to feed off of! xoxo


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