Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new life

I was born under the sign of Cancer, which means that I am bubbling over with maternal instincts and love. I was the little girl who loved her dolls so intensely that'd you'd swear they were real babies.....I even insisted that everyone refer to them as real babies (such a serious drama queen). My dolly days are long behind me, but that intense instinct to mother is more real than ever. For now, I am pouring that energy into other people's children (and one of my own: my husband) so I am quite excited that it is raining newborns in my life at the moment.

There is nothing more joyous, awe-inspiring and magical than witnessing a brand new life beginning. The emotion of it is so overwhelming that I cannot imagine how blown away I will be when it is my own child that I am holding for the very first time.

On that note, here are some pictures of beautiful lives that have only just begun. And, in the coming month or so I will have a camera chalk full of newborn portraits to share....


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