Friday, January 14, 2011

a rainbow of emotions: sullen

I have often wondered if I would have made a good actress. I admit I am quite dramatic (naturally speaking), and also have completely over-the-top reactions to every little thing--wild gasps, joyous shrieks, guffaws of name it. But, it's my reservoir of accessible emotions that has led me to believe I might have the ability to channel characters. I am entirely emotional by nature, and have so many past experiences and pain to draw from. I got to thinking about this a couple of weeks ago when my lovely photog friend, Natalie, posted a blog about my talent as a model (her words), because she mentioned that there are so many ways to read the emotion in portraits taken of me.

I have long hoped I could find the courage to work on a series of self portraits, but for whatever reason I can't quite make it happen. I have, however, attempted to capture some personal shots at random. The ones I happened upon in my archives today were somber and intense. They are not great photos or great art, in my opinion, but I do think I succeeded in capturing genuine emotion.

Self Portraits:

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  1. You really are an amazing model! I'm diggin the first self portrait.


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