Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year, new beginnings

Incredible it is, to discover

how fiercely and endlessly
we can hold on
to a life that has become stale;
electing for comfortable misery
over joyous rebirth,
only to spare ourselves
from colliding with the unknown,
the foreign, the uncharted realms
of a new life.
But, the clock is urgently begging you,
calling to you with every tick
to live life with audacity,
a life that makes your heart undulate
with vigor; whether your steps
are timid or confident
is unimportant.
Sometimes you have to question
the concept of comfort-
would your life become more brilliant
and genuine
if you could endure
the momentary discomfort required
to dare to walk toward the unknown?

~Lola Rain

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