Saturday, January 29, 2011

musical inspiration

I've been listening to a lot of my husband's music this week, which has renewed my awe, inspiration, and let's face it, attraction for him. He comes from a very musical family with a former concert pianist mother, a prodigy guitarist brother who can pick up any instrument and learn how to play it immediately, and a genius guitarist father. Alex's talent was always his voice, singing in choir throughout his life. But a few years ago he jumped on the family guitar train, and given his additional talent of writing (he has a masters in writing), he's really found himself a creative niche: song writing.

I decided today that I need to start sharing his music, because he doesn't.....and I think that's such a tragedy. My first selection is "Time Tided," which you can listen to here, on my Tumblr page. It's the January 29th posting (underneath the picture). You won't regret it!

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