Thursday, February 17, 2011

color inspiration

This week in my painting class we focused on color--combinations that inspire us, taking risks, mixing, and looking at the world around us in terms of color. I have to say I quite enjoyed this topic given my surroundings are currently drab and barren as the snow has melted, but winter drags on.

I tend to favor neutral backdrops with pops of bold, bright color in pretty much every area of life and definitely in my photography and now in my painting. I am absolutely obsessed with color! Even the smallest decisions, such as picking out a toothbrush at the drug store, leave me so focused on what color I feel drawn toward or want to see in my daily life.

I am currently on my way to Saratoga Springs, NY to help my sister-and-law with her newborn baby so I won't finish this week's assignment until Sunday:( I will post the end product in a few days! So instead I'll leave you with some color inspiration below! I am especially drawn to Mati McDonough's (one of my teachers) color palette! Her combinations always feel completely in line with what I'd like to see, and she makes it look so effortless.

Some brightness to add to your day.....

Drifting Blossoms by Hadley Hutton

Honeysuckle by Red Tile Studios

Fiery Trees II by Laura Trager

Black and Gold Abstract by Hannah J Studios

Night Swimming by Mae Chevrette

Dreaming Tree by Michelle Han, Artist

Rustic Bouquet by Peggy Davis Art

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  1. Thanks for including my piece in this post ! I love The "Drifting Blossoms" image- so beautiful!


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