Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tales from the tracks

Adirondack Tracks by Lola Rain

I took my first train ride just 3 years ago, after a lifetime fear of trains. I flew into New York from San Francisco for a few days and needed to get to Connecticut....the natural thing for NYC/CT commuters is to take a train. It was a silly fear that I couldn't seem to get over, but once I was safe in my seat with books and journals on a table in front of me and music in my ears, I realized that I love trains! It felt like such a romantic way to travel. I could curl up against the window and watch the world streak by, daydreaming and observing until my thoughts bubbled over and I needed to write. I suddenly became (temporarily) obsessed with the idea of riding trains all over the United States while writing books from my seat. It seemed like a brilliant idea given the depth of inspiration I find myself with when I travel and observe.

I'm smiling to myself this morning remembering this whimsical book-writing-from-trains fantasy as I prepare for a 7-hour train ride to Saratoga Springs, NY (upstate) tomorrow. I've never been on a train for that long so we'll see if the romance of it wanes for me after a few hours, but right now I'm sort of looking forward to watching the landscape and loosing myself in thought and poetry. Who knows what crazy idea will pop out of my bohemian brain....knowing me, I could decide that I'd like to live in a teepee on the banks of the Hudson River to work on my photography or hand build a cabin in the Adirondacks where I will paint mountains and trees all day. Giggle. We'll have to see where my creative mind takes me tomorrow.....

Brown Leather Journal by J.J. Boyles

Vintage Royal Typewriter Tee by Caustic Threads

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