Thursday, February 10, 2011

to the dreamers...

Dreamer by Torn Perspective

I'm going to make a wild assumption and say that I'm probably not the only person who experiences moments of doubt as I pursue my dreams. I will never stop saying that it takes a great deal of courage, resilience, and dedication to yourself to blindly believe in your passions and incessantly follow that carrot that dangles in your gut, taunting and knowing its the one magical thing (or set of things) that you are meant to be doing in this life......the thing that will lead to a life in which you feel fully alive, engaged, fulfilled and content. I will never stop saying this, mostly because I'm trying to remind myself, but also because I hope that it falls upon the ears that need to hear it. And so, I'll share a letter that I write to myself in my head, in my heart, in my gut, every time I need to hear open letter to all those who dare to walk in the direction of their dreams....

We Are the Dreamers by Nan Lawson

Dearest Lola,

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You don't have to fight it, question it, or feel like you've drifted off course, because the truth will remain. The truth is wiser than you, the truth doesn't have to believe, it KNOWS. And somewhere in you, you know too. You were not meant to be any of those things you forced yourself to be in the past, even if you were good at them or succeeded.....your gut spoke the truth then and it hasn't changed its mind. But, the journey will take time, it will require patience and faith, and it will be grueling and confusing at times. Keep going. Yes, there IS a reason you need to paint today, there IS purpose behind your desire to write your thoughts down on a page every day, there IS meaning in that collage you had to make for your desk, it IS important that you take that is all part of the plan. People will have opinions about the validity of that plan or the "silliness" of your daily desires and activities. They are just opinions, not the truth. Keep going. You are not silly, you are beautiful and dedicated. You have no one to satisfy or impress......there is only you and your dream. Aren't you impressed with your courageous way of life? I know you are. Keep going. Do you think your soul was filled with talent and your heart filled with artistic passion just as a joke? Of course not. You are meant to share it. You have so much to share with the world. Keep going.


Never Give Up by Tender Beasts

Peace Owl Dreamer by Rachel Loves Peace

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  1. aw thank your including my peace owl dreamer in this inspiring post.
    i loved reading your words. it is so important to follow are dreams, be creative, be inspiring, and positive. i see that in you and im happy to know a fellow dreamer. 'keep going' always!
    peace & love!


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