Monday, February 7, 2011

a walk through boston

John Hancock Tower: the tallest building in New England

I had been looking forward to a weekend in Boston, full of photogging and lingering museum trips while Alex was busy at a work conference during the day.....but, instead I was hit with a nasty cold and simultaneous vicious migraine that began the night before we left. Perfect. I spent the majority of the weekend in bed, except for the 1 hour walk I took around Copley Square and Newbury Street, much to the deep chagrin of my attending physician/husband. I knew it was a bad idea (I felt much more sick when I got back), but I snuck out after Alex told me to take a nap. I did not want to drive 3.5 hours to Boston and have my weekend be nothing more than room service, a comfy king sized bed, and one dinner with a friend of ours that I managed to get out of bed for.

I feel satisfied with the trip having had my one hour! Copley Square is a great location to take in beautiful architecture, history, and Newbury Street. I was inspired by a few themes on my they are:

Opulent 19th century architecture:

Boston Public Library.....I can't imagine studying in a building this beautiful. It's a truly inspiring place to simply walk around and take in with its ornate ceilings, divine chandeliers, beautiful murals, bold statues, arches galore, and an amazing collection of ancient books (including first edition William Shakespeare, John Adams' personal library, records of Colonial Boston and medieval manuscripts).

Old South Church.

Boston Public Library. I love the symmetry of the curved ceiling and the (obviously curved) clock.

Trinity Church.

Divine chandeliers:

This room left me speechless. How do take in that much detail? The ceiling was lined with thin, embellished beams, every bit of wall space was covered in murals, chandeliers, marble fire places....this is a library?

I love the decadent simplicity of this chandelier/muraled ceiling combo.

Ornate ceilings:

How gorgeous is this ceiling? Ack! I can't stand it.

Another intense ceiling.

Beautiful doors/gates:

The contrast between old and new:

I'm standing in front of this old building, ogling the beautiful glass and gold encrusted woodwork.....only to look down and realize this beautiful building is an at&t store. Only in New England.

The Old South Church (1874) reflected in the Hancock building (1976).

The lanterns of the Boston Public Library (1895) in front of the Hancock building.

Old South Church, Hancock building in the background.

Old Library Charm:

Miscellaneous Boston along the way:

Newbury Street.

Sugar Heaven....that just sounded like a lovely place to be.

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  1. Hi there! Just catching up on "Get Your Paint On" facebook status and found your blog. Love, love, love your photos of the Boston Public Library. So cool! I've only been to Boston once. Didn't get to the Library. Next time! Thanks for the tour!

    at ewehooo!


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