Friday, June 3, 2011

dreaming of an art retreat

I have a busy summer of packing, moving twice (or maybe 3 times depending on our temporary housing situation) and the long process of house hunting. Every day has now become a set of tedious chores associated with all the above and I have to say, today I just don't want to think about any of it. I'd rather let my mind drift away into the clouds and lose myself in daydreams. Not that buying a house and moving to a new state aren't exciting, wonderful things, but the thought of having so many important to-do's in the summertime leaves me feeling exhausted before it's even begun. And I worry about my art—will I be able to bring all my art supplies with me on the road? Will I have the discipline to insist on having my creative time every day when my husband is off from work all summer? Will I feel inspired amidst so much chaos? 

All of this has got me daydreaming about escaping on a peaceful art retreat. Some options…..

1. SAW: Squam Art Workshops. DYING. TO. GO. The lovely Sunshine told me about this amazing retreat set in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and after reading every single section of their website and watching a few videos (that left me feeling rather emotional) well….I became obsessed with the idea of going. At Squam you live in rustic little cabins on a lake, eat organic food, meet amazing people and learn from top-notch artists in a wide variety of crafts. I'm particularly drawn to the Fall session, which includes workshops in: jewelry making, cooking and food styling, writing, mixed media, photography, drawing, yoga, unique embroidery, and painting….AND the guest speaker at the opening ceremonies is stylist and visual merchandiser, Kayte Terry, who has built her career at Anthropologie (would LOVE to hear her speak!).

Unleashing Your Calling: Create the Work and Life You Love. This is a retreat with Tama Kieves (whose amazingness I've mentioned before: here) at the Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Get me to this retreat so I can "learn how to get past fears and step into my unparalleled work in this world!" Tama specializes in empowering creative souls, coaching us to find our creative success. I absolutely love the combination of being in an incredibly peaceful, mountain location where, in addition to participating in this retreat, I can practice yoga and meditate. Ahhhhh, nirvana!

3. Paint and Dance from the Source: A Magical Journey to the Beloved.  This retreat, at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts (what up my new home!) combines "two powerful and ancient healing rituals, organically moving back and forth between dancing and painting on a journey of radical breakthrough to the authentic Self." Umm YES….PLEASE! I've considered Kripalu my 2nd home ever since setting foot in this tranquil retreat center 5 years ago, and I've heard the experience of that intense phenomenon is quite common for visitors (#1 reason to go:). Knowing I have as much yoga, meditation, nature and organic food at my disposal as I could ever desire is pure bliss. Taking part in a retreat program on top of that is simply unworldly. The combination of painting and dancing sounds absolutely magical.

Ahhhh, I'm going to go live in one of these daydreams for the day…..


  1. Now I am having wander lust to and want to go to all 3! Since we are preparing to sell our home and trying to find a new one in a nearby city it will be much later in the year before travel is on my radar. I do however look forward to "traveling" from my arm chair via these sites. :)

  2. I totally relate! House hunting really puts things on the back burner. I wish you lots of luck in selling your house so you can get out there and wander for real:)


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