Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my portfolio in review

Two years ago I decided to give up on "security" (read: quit my "real job") and leap into the unknown of an artistic life. This journey has been emotional, exciting, challenging, empowering, and the greatest learning experience of my life. I have given the little girl in me, who was born an artist, the nurturing, support and room to grow that she always needed….and I'm overwhelmed by how far I've come and how much my body of work has expanded. 

I'm quite excited to see how things unfold up in the mountains of Western Massachusetts (where I am moving this summer), in a place where I feel more inspired and ready to establish myself as a working artist. So, as I prepare to launch off into a new chapter of life I thought I'd share my portfolio from the last two years. Here are some of my favorites from my fine art photography and portraiture portfolios and the beginnings of my journey in painting:


  1. Stunning photos that made me feel like I was taking a walk. Enjoy this journey as you embark on this new phase and place in your exciting!!!:)


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