Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bohemian style

Art and style are inextricably linked—they are both created from a personal, organic source within us. It makes sense that painters become interior designers, photographers become stylists, or sketch artists become fashion designers. There is a natural path between any form of creation that begins with an empty canvas, whether that be a living room, a body, an empty memory card or a piece of paper. 

One of the links between artistic worlds that I've been thinking about lately is painting and fashion. I have yet to meet a painter who doesn't have a unique, personal sense of fashion. And what's interesting is that ever since I started painting again I've found myself more and more interested in fashion, specifically a longing to create my own personal style. 

I have been utterly blessed to have been working on my art for the past 2 years since quitting my publishing/editing job back in San Francisco. But, like most people who work from home, it has begun to wear on me (pun intended;) that I am rarely called on to look presentable. For a long while though, I was ecstatic about this—giving up my morning ritual of standing in front of the closet trying to decide how to put together an outfit that would be comfortable yet stylish. But, now I feel a disconnect between my need to create and express myself and the way I present myself to the world every day.

I didn't give style much thought back in my corporate days, and I never felt like I had a knack for putting together ensembles even though I had a full dresser and TWO walk-in closets to work with….I'm starting to realize that it was more a matter of having a room full of muted water colors to work with when I really favor bright colored acrylics. Have I taken this art/fashion metaphor too far? :) 

The point is I spent a gross amount of money on a style that was never mine—corporate chic. I was both hemmed in by my industry and sucked in by the sick amount of high-end fashion labels, boutiques, and department stores at my fingertips in San Francisco……and developed a dangerous, nearly daily shopping habit given my office was only blocks away from it all.

These days I feel little reason to put on a "real" outfit, to ever wear heels or to rummage through my accessory drawer. On a typical day in my work-from-home life you can find me living in yoga clothes……and I have to say, I've had enough. Spending so much of my time creating art lately has caused me to see the blank canvas of my body as such a wasted resource. Unfortunately, I have an entire room full of clothes that don't express who I am: an artist and a boho fanatic. I find myself craving STYLE right now (and craving a reason and the means to buy a whole new wardrobe!). So today, I'm dreaming of some boho goodness in my closet.

Some celeb looks I adore….

Etsy Bohemian Fashion:
1.Tunic by Plum Pretty Sugar 2.Embroidered Tunic Top by River of Romansk's 3.Clementine Hippie Head Band by Peace Love Vintage 4.Bohemian Batik and Knit Halter by My Oly Girl 5.Long Feather Hair Extension by Lady Pancake 6.Peruvian Turquoise Ring by rrunaway 7.Silver Moroccan Earrings by Go Meagan Designs 8.Little Blue Flowers Wristband by aos Leather 9.Semi Precious Stones on Leather Bracelet by Daisy Bead 10.Dew Drop Moonstone Ring by Garnet Girl Designs 11.Vintage Apron Tank Top by Ruby Chic Designs


  1. This takes me back, lol! Love all of your selections - thanks so much for including my Little Blue Flowers cuff! - Kathy,


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