Tuesday, June 14, 2011

transition blues

This is my life right now—apartment littered in boxes, tediously long hours of packing, errands, appointments, goodbye's, and NO time to create art. I cannot wait to get into our temporary housing (in one week exactly!) so I can whip out my paints and finish the pieces that I started what seems like so long ago and get back to photogging! I am not a fan of being in transition! 

Although I'm crazy busy right now, I plan to post some more exciting things the rest of the week so check back for: a design dream, my portfolio in review, and a goodbye (to my life in Southern CT) giveaway! I can't wait to begin a new chapter in blogging as I move into a new life in the mountains of Western Massachusetts, work on establishing my art career, and renovate my first country house. I hope you join me!


  1. Hang in there~you will be back to creating all kinds of wonderfullness soon and will have all of this great energy in your new home to do it. :) I hope you are keeping a sketch book handy for the ideas that do come and for time to at least scribble here and there for pleasure. :)

  2. thanks stephanie! i'm trying to hang in there! and you are right, i need to keep a sketch book with me at all times. great idea!


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