Thursday, October 6, 2011

autumn is upon us

It's definitely fall here in the Berkshires and has been for weeks. It's crisp outside, the leaves are changing and falling all around, and the air is filled with that unmistakeable yet indescribable scent—like cold dirt, decaying leaves and apple cider somewhere in the distance (that might not be a beautiful/accurate description, but it really is a wonderful smell). There is just something so invigorating, hopeful and cozy about the autumn season and I look forward to it every year! It's a bit colder up here in Northern Mass than I am used to having grown up in Connecticut, but I've been assured by the natives that this is nothing compared to what's in store for me this winter. Yikes!

In the spirit of the season, some autumn favorites from Etsy…..

Indian Corn by Shannon Leigh Studios

Harvest Photograph by Bucks County Frames

Autumn Leaves by Bomobob

Under an Autumn Sky by Simply Lodge

Fall Photography by Maximonster TJE Photography

It Was a Gorgeous Autumn Day by Oh Joy! Photography

Autumn Trees by Sunshine Fine Art Photography

Pumpkin Photo by S.S.C. Photography

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  1. What a beautiful collection!Thank you for adding my photograph:)


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