Friday, October 28, 2011

this week in photos

My husband and his brother put a new roof on our shed.

A big deal in our house, because my husband is better known for working with his incredible brain…
not his hands.

I never thought I'd see the day when my husband had a hammer holder on one hip and work gloves on the other. How home-ownership has changed him! 

While hacking out a space for a dishwasher (thank the heavens we have one now!) we found calendars from 1980-82 stuffed behind our kitchen walls. Man, the past owners were much busier than us!

The baby bump grows.

My husband builds a crib—yes, it's pretty early for that, but my overexcited father couldn't wait to buy it:) So sad to discover that the amazing, organic eco mattress we got doesn't fit:(

The view outside our window goes from this….

to this!

The backyard from this….

to this.
I love the snow, but I was not expecting this much in October!

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