Monday, October 24, 2011

come back mati rose!

I immediately fell in love with Mati Rose's artwork when I first stumbled upon it last winter, which led me to sign up for her online painting class. Mati is a San Francisco artist, who I read about on another San Franciscan's (bohemian) blog….and of course I am drawn to all things San Francisco after living there for 4 years (and my dad has been living there for over 12 years now). At any rate, I am thinking about her artwork now because I would LOVE to design my baby's nursery around a collection of her prints—I have yet to find inspiration for the nursery anywhere but in Mati's paintings. Her color palette and imagination are just perfection in my book. The problem? Mati's Etsy shop has been "temporarily" closed since last February. *BIG sigh* Some of my favorites…..

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