Thursday, October 20, 2011

walls of horror

Being an aesthetically-focused individual, I have been trying to envision and sketch out the baby nursery from the minute we bought this house. But, I am completely stuck. I have spent so many nights lying awake, sifting through color schemes and furniture layouts in my head, and though I've had many ideas, none of them feel right. Perhaps I'll feel more inspired when I know the baby's gender? Perhaps I'll have a crazy, hormone-induced decorating surge at some point and know exactly what I want? I hope so.

For now, I am haunted by that long, narrow room at the end of the hall that currently looks like the perfect backdrop for a horror movie scene. When we bought the house, we felt lucky to find the one house in the Northern Berkshires that wasn't 100% wallpapered—with the exception of the nursery and a small bathroom downstairs. Piece of cake we thought, until Alex's brother-in-law brought over a steamer and began removing this…..

only to find this underneath……

This quickly turned into a huge project, given the terrifying teddybear wallpaper is from 1949 when the house was built and is glued to the original plywood. In other words, it's not coming off, which means an insane amount of wall patching before we can even think about painting it. 

I haven't even reached the crazy nesting phase of pregnancy yet, but I already feel like that room needs to be done TOMORROW. I hope that the walls get patched and I find some inspiration soon!

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