Wednesday, October 5, 2011

rachel zoe and my love for neutrals

While my husband was away in Colorado last week I used the man-free time to gorge myself on reality TV—something I only get to indulge when he's not around because he acts like he's in physical pain and claims the estrogen levels will cause his brain to internally combust so….change. the. channel. NOW. It's quite dramatic. At any rate, I watched a few back-to-back episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project and completely fell in love with her new house. I just can't stand it. 

I have had a deep love affair with neutrals, most specifically white and cream, for as long as I can remember. It's really interesting because I love to see bright color in other people's homes, in other people's wardrobes and in my own art, but more often than not I choose white for myself—couches, clothes, throw blankets and pillows, cookware, dishes, walls….everything. And I sometimes feel a little self-conscious about the fact that my world in "colored" in white/cream/tan/brown/khaki/stone, but Rachel Zoe changed my mind. She is gaga about the color white, I mean crazy. And her new house speaks to that like no other. 

Looking at this space inspires me to embrace my love for neutrals (with pops of great color here and there) rather than try to force myself to go nuts with color in my house (something I've been trying to do). Of course, in a perfect world I would just move into this house tomorrow because it's absolute perfection….

I have a serious love for white furniture—so impractical, so amazing. I was able to keep my white couch immaculate….until I married my husband.

I could just live in this bedroom. Perrrrrfection.

Where can I get those yellow lamps?? Amazing!

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