Monday, May 2, 2011

fabric inspiration

I am constantly looking for visual inspiration. I delight in colors, textures, patterns, contrast, composition and mood. The visual maestro in my brain never ceases composing art with the notes of every day life. The produce aisle in the supermarket is a thing of beauty, ripe with vibrant colors and textures; the trees lining an otherwise grim highway light me up as their twisting branches contrast against a blue sky; a ray of light catches a child's face in an angelic glow. It all moves me. 

Not surprisingly, I have a go-to list of specific things, places and/or experiences that I use when I'm looking for inspiration (or that naturally bring about inspiration when I'm not even looking for it). And one such source of great inspiration for me is fabric! I find my inspiration for color palettes, patterns, composition, and general ideas for art projects or photo shoots literally just pour into my head when I contemplate a piece of fabric (or decorative paper, which to me, is basically just fabric patterns printed on card stock).

Some inspiration for your eyes! All fabrics by Down Shadow Lane.

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