Tuesday, May 24, 2011

random inspiration: blueberry muffins

I've probably mentioned this a dozen times before, but I find so much visual inspiration in the things I eat, mainly produce. The combination of the wide array of colors, textures and shapes while knowing they were all created by this beautiful earth, is just delicious to my eyes. Yes, I'm amazed by fruits and vegetables……seriously, sometimes I get so lost in appreciating the beauty of a snack (for example: a bowl of raspberries) that I end up taking out my camera to photograph it instead taking out a fork to eat it. It's ridiculous. 

At any rate, I made a batch of gluten-free blueberry muffins the other day to cheer my husband up when he got home from work, but stopped myself (for a quick photo shoot of course:) as I was about to put the tray in the oven. Yes, I "got lost" in the batter for a while. I suddenly found the way frozen blueberries bleed into creamy white batter intoxicating and the texture of coarse brown sugar contrasting against the delicate batter beneath them inspiring. Perhaps that sounds dramatic, but I find there is inspiration to be found in every minute of the day that can so easily go unnoticed. Take a look around…the color palette and texture of a fruit salad could inspire a painting, a snack could become a beautiful photograph that will hang in a gallery someday, or you could just find yourself with a deeper sense of appreciation for the natural wonders that are all around us.

I did a quick search of my blog today and started compiling a running list of sources of inspiration (although I'm sure I missed a few). Check out this list for a quick hit of inspiration:

Things that are out of place
Paper goods
The Farmer's Market
Art related goodies
Birch trees
Mila's daydreams


  1. It is amazing how much pure color can be found in nature. It helps you to understand how our ancestors were drawn to using roots and berries to paint/dye/draw.

  2. yes, exactly! i actually posted about making "nature paints" last month, but have yet to play with them. thanks for reminding me! i think it's amazing that people used to make such beautiful artwork using only materials from the earth. such an inspiration.


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