Monday, May 16, 2011

sea shell sea

So glad I made that list of projects to work on, because I've been making my way through them now that I have some focus! Above is my finished painting for Natalie's birthday/housewarming: Sea Shell Sea. I struggled to find direction in this piece as I painted through many colors and ideas (there was a boat, there was poetry written in the sky) until finally resting in this peaceful sea. 

I played around with some different techniques in the sea water, laying down one layer of very wet paint then saturating it further with applications of water on top of it (which you can see here). Then I did a layer, using acrylics as I would watercolors. It was a new way to paint for me and I loved the unpredictability of it!

The most special part of the painting (to me) is the inclusion of actual sand from a beach on the beautiful island of Antigua.

I hope Natalie enjoys the painting! It's always a gamble painting something for someone else (at least for me it is). But, I thoroughly enjoy painting based on the essence of another person rather than myself—it's a challenge and so much fun.


  1. I love it! Thanks so much :)I can't wait to receive it!

  2. Cool- its an interesting mix of styles! The sea looks similar in technique to my current series! Natalie will love it!

  3. thanks girls! and i did employ a very similar technique to your current series, hannah! at least based on the results b/c i'm not sure how you do it. there is something SO VERY freeing about adding all that water and playing in it:)


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