Friday, May 6, 2011

picnic season

The warm springtime weather and extended daylight hours have got me thinking picnic! Why is it so much more gratifying to eat outdoors? I'm not sure, but it's been a tradition all my life. There were the days when I was a little girl when my mother would let us eat breakfast at a little cafĂ© table on the back porch before school (such a treat!). And during the summer, we ate every dinner that I can remember outdoors, whether it be on a porch, in the grass, on a boat, or camping. 

I can't wait to own my own home some day so I can continue this tradition, but in the meantime my husband and I have picnics! There's something so romantic and exciting about packing up a meal (even if it happens to be as unromantic as BBQ chicken and organic mac and cheese on your yoga blanket;). You can lounge while you eat, curl up with someone special, lie in the grass and look at the clouds as you talk about your dreams.

And for your own picnic, some inspiration……

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