Wednesday, May 4, 2011

about LBR

I personally love finding new blogs to add to my reading list, but it can be tricky to find ones that appeal to me. Every so often though, I come across a blog that has a page introducing you to the writer (about me) and what they plan to share on their blog (about this blog) and I love that kind of instant snapshot! In addition to knowing what the blog is all about, I am that much more interested and moved when I know the person behind the work. At a basic level, humans are built to connect and being able to connect with a writer, painter, actress, teacher, (fill in the blank) enriches our experience of life and validates our own existence.

Philosophy aside, I wanted to lay out the focus of my blog, for the benefit of not only potential readers, but for myself as well. As I mentioned the other day, I have done a lot of reading up on how to create a successful blog and another important edict is: focus. I've heard time and again that your blog should have a focus. And although I am clear on what I will share here (in my mind), I often question whether or not that comes across at all to my readers. I posted the tagline in my header (creating, feeling, capturing….raw, natural life) to point to what I am sharing about here, but I am sure that could use some clarification. So without further ado…..


I am an artist at the very level of soul, always have been. I live to create, and if I am not creating I am not living….I am not whole, I am not calm, I am not energetically charged, I am not ME…if I am not creating. And so, this blog is something I create every day. I share about all my many forms of artistic creation, whether that be photography, painting, crafting, poetry, non-fiction writing, do-it-yourself eco-home projects, decorating, song writing, or guitar playing.


I am a very emotional individual (my sign is Cancer, the most emotionally charged of all the signs). I am as moody as they come, I am highly passionate in everything I express, both positive and negative, I am dramatic, and my heart is far too large for my own good (it can be hard to make it through the day when you cry at TV commercials, want to stop on the highway to help an injured deer or get nauseous when you watch the news). So, it's no wonder that I don't just enjoy art, I need it. There are far too many emotions pulsing in every cell of my body, and they need an outlet…..words are not enough. 

I need expression, I need to write simple phrases as if they were poetry, I need to photograph the love I see when I look at my husband, I need to fling paint around, sealing my emotions on an empty canvas, I need to dance to let my joy jump around the room….I could go on. 

The emotions fuel the creation, and part of that means putting myself out there on this blog. Sometimes I feel totally comfortable sharing my personal life and feelings, other times that seems terrifying, but I share regardless….it's simply part of who I am. And I hope that it gives others the courage to share themselves with the world, or perhaps gives people something to identify with.


My blog started out with only one focus: photography. It's grown from there, because while photography is at the very forefront of my life, to only focus on that deflated the rest of my being. My blog didn't feel "whole." But, I am a photographer and capturing the life around me is an obsession…so much so that I get so lost in capturing it all sometimes that I miss what's happening. It all goes back to my emotions. I am so overwhelmed by the world around me, I see everything in slow motion and am in a constant state of observation of the smallest of details. My camera is an extension of me in that way, I need it to help me process what feels so overwhelming.

I see so much splendor all around me and I want to share that with my images. I fear missing any of it….and I don't want you to miss how spectacular that tree at the end of your street is,  I don't want you to miss the beauty I see in your face, I don't want you to miss the love I see bouncing between your family members….which is why I delight in capturing it for you! 

Lola's Bohemian Rain: Creating, Feeling, Capturing….Raw, Natural Life.

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