Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sweet little bird

Another project crossed off my list! This painting is for my little angel of a niece, Lila. I had painted a piece for her baby sister Olivia's nursery a couple of months back and the minute I was finished I had found a new love: children's art!

Lila is gentle, sweet as sugar, and very girly so I wanted to bring those qualities to the painting. I also wanted to add a little bit of my hippie charm to it, knowing her mama would appreciate it. 

What I love about this stage in my painting journey is trying out new techniques with every piece. I wonder if someday I will have a particular style that I'll stick to, because right now I love the variety! This time I used the old bubble wrap technique that I learned about in a recent painting class (and saw in Hannah J's studio). I'm a big fan!

I was slightly unsure of the composition here. I had considered adding a word or phrase to the upper right hand corner? Something simple like "love." Not sure... 

I have to say, I really enjoy painting pieces for children! It's so much fun to access my inner child and bring an innocent quality to the creative process. If anyone is interested in commissioning me to paint a custom piece for a little one in their life, message me at alexa@lolarainphotography.com! 

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