Friday, May 13, 2011

our wedding album a little bit late

I am not pleased with Blogger at the moment! I haven't been able to access my blog or post all day (until now) and now that I'm here I've noticed that yesterday's post has vanished! Not happy! How does a posting just disappear? Ahhh! I'm really hoping Blogger has gotten its act together and somehow makes that entry reappear.

Well, yesterday's post was a list of creative projects I'm working on at the moment, one of them being editing my wedding photos. I opted to buy digital copies of all of them and edit them myself (rather than paying for it). Mind you, our wedding was 7 months ago (October 16th in Stowe, Vermont)! I never would have thought in a millions year that I, of all people, would procrastinate on purchasing/sharing my wedding album! Never. I have my reasons…..but I won't get into those.

Here are some of my favorite shots……all taken by the fabulous Lauren Stagnetti:

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