Monday, November 28, 2011

baby dreams

In exactly one week Alex and I will find out the gender of this tiny person growing inside me….eeek! I don't know if other couples get this excited about it, but Alex and I are craaaaazy excited! Alex has been doing a countdown since 10 days before our appointment (so cute:) and I find myself lost in daydreams of who this child will be. 

To me, there is no element of surprise lost in finding out the gender now rather than in 20+ weeks. The gender is exciting, but inconsequential to the surprises I will begin to uncover the day I give birth—the biggest being who is this little being?!! Followed by many other little things like whose eyes and whose nose does he/she have, what name fits him/her (I think we have to meet before we 100% settle on a name so we have picked out a few options), what kind of personality will he/she come screaming into this world with?? All these things are far bigger surprises for me than whether I buy pink pajamas or blue. But, for now, finding out the gender is a little baby excitement hit while we wait (and wait!) for the big day to finally arrive….and it means I can finally start decorating the nursery!

In the meantime, I thought it'd be fun to look back through Alex's and my childhood photos, studying our little faces in order to help me imagine my future child. We had great fun doing this, but it actually made me feel even more impatient to lay eyes on my child:) I can't find the better pictures of me as a baby at the moment, but here are a few….

Baby Lola, 2 months and looking nothing like I do now (pictured with my aunt)
I look quite delirious.

Baby Lola, 1 year

If we have a little girl, this is what Alex pictures

Alex the day he was born. Would you look at those chubby cheeks?!
He was born a month late and you can tell.

This is what I picture my little boy looking like—so freaking cute,
I cannot stand it!

He looks like such a relaxed baby, like he's thinking "hey there, this is my floor,
this is my rattle, what's going on?"

Little boy Alex (on the left, pictured with his brother). Cuteness.

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