Monday, November 21, 2011

18 weeks

For whatever reason, the excitement level in our household really ratcheted up this week. My belly went on a crazy growing spree, which was part of the excitement for Alex and I. There's no denying there's a baby in there now…..and there's no way I can sleep without my "new husband," the pregnancy pillow now that I have a substantial bump (something Alex isn't the biggest fan of given his side of the bed is getting smaller and smaller, inch by inch;). 

The other thing that was exciting for us was taking our first trip to Babies R Us, which is something I thought Alex would hate because he thinks shopping is about as fun as watching a Lifetime movie marathon. Much to my surprise, though, he was ALL about it. He actually allowed me to peruse every section of the store, which is unheard of (normally, he is dragging me out of every store I spend more than 45 seconds in). I will admit, I sort of felt like we were playing house/pretend picking out baby swings and strollers. Alex, on the other hand, felt pumped to be a father-to-be. It made it feel all the more real for him, which was exciting for me to see since I often feel he (and all men) gets cheated out of physically and spiritually experiencing the transition into parenthood, because it's not happening inside his body. But, he's about as connected to this experience as any man I've ever seen….and I think he's quite all right with not having to be pregnant.

I have to say, while I am enjoying this experience more and more, I am also more and more afraid to go out in public. It's not a vanity thing either, it's that…..well, I'm kind of scary at the moment. I've read that in month 5 even the most passive, quiet (pre-pregnancy) women can become confrontational as heck. I definitely used to be pretty passive with people I didn't know pre-pregnancy, but now….let's just say there were quite a few people fearing for their lives as I made my way through Whole Foods yesterday. It's so bizarre, because at times I feel more open and connected to people than I was before I was pregnant, but in an instant my mood can switch and it will appear as if I want to rip your face off. It's usually for a totally irrational reason too, such as flipping out on a Whole Foods employee (poor guy!) for asking me if I needed any help, because he interrupted my conversation with Alex . Oh, hormones…

I also went a little nuts taking pictures this week. I haven't really been "into it" up until now, but I suddenly felt like showing off the bump during this week's shoot and I felt a little crazy while doing it (see below). I won't subject you to all of the pics though:)

I can't believe I am SO close to being halfway through my pregnancy….insane! In just the blink of an eye there will be a whole new life here, a tiny person who will completely shake up the quiet life Alex and I know. I cannot wait!

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