Monday, November 21, 2011

belly art

There are so many creative ways to turn pregnancy into art, from maternity photos to belly casting to body painting to henna, the possibilities are endless. All of this, of course, makes my head spin because I can't seem to narrow down the list of ways I'd like to commemorate my own pregnancy. This is such a beautiful, meaningful experience and a time in my life that I not only want to remember forever, but would love to be able to share with my future child someday. But, there is only so much time and I have only so much energy. Currently on my list: weekly belly shots, full maternity shoot, journal, a few paintings, videos, belly cast, and a children's book for the baby telling the story of how he/she came to be (I got this amazing idea from my oh-so-talented friend Hannah, love it).

I think this is an amazing idea, but my husband does not agree so we'll see...

I really like the idea of painting my belly cast gold.

For DIY belly casting or belly painting kits, visit Proud Body Pregnancy Art.

I hadn't considered doing a belly painting, but this one is pretty incredible.

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