Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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I've replaced my "About LBR" page with a "New Reader" page, which I think is also a great resource for current readers! I'm constantly looking for ways to make my blog more reader-friendly, and at the same time check in with myself about what I'm doing with this blog. I thought adding a page that would give my readers a quick snapshot of what I do, along with some suggested reading, would be the perfect change. 

Below is the new page, which you can also visit by clicking the link at the top of the page…..

Hello there! I’m Lola! I’m a 31-year old artist and mama-to-be, living in the Northern Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. I am primarily a photographer and writer, but have dabbled in just about every art form there is throughout my life. I cannot live (sanely) without creating and expressing. I am committed to living an artistic life, an authentic life, the only life that feels right for me…. and I blog about that journey here.

This blog is evolving. In the past year, my life has changed in every way imaginable: from city to the isolated mountains, single to married, apartment renter to home owner, childless to expecting. It would be unnatural for me to leave any of that out so I’m being flexible with my blog as I watch it grow into something new.

Why bohemian?

I’ve been called a hippie for half my life, but I think bohemian is a better term. Bohemians practice unconventional lifestyles, they are adventurers or vagabonds, they are artists, writers, musicians, actors, they believe in peace and love. “Bohemian” is one word that nicely wraps up so much of who I am into a neat little package.

What do you blog about?

Some of my favorite things to blog about are photography, painting, healing, life struggles, inspiration, and pregnancy. I also regularly promote other artists and Etsy shop owners, mostly by integrating their artwork or products into pieces I’ve written on a related topic.

Popular posts…

A few of my favorite posts….

Music and Performance Pieces: Buttercup HistoryThe Consequence of DNA,Worth the Wait

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment, ask questions or share yourself (in a kind, appropriate way please!).

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you stay and read for a while! If you think you’ll enjoy reading more, please sign up to follow me, or subscribe.

xo Lola Rain

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