Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy birthday, my love!

Today is my husband's birthday so I thought I'd go a little cornball on my blog for him (ok, a little more than usual;). Honey, I'm so very grateful that your beautiful, complicated soul and enormous heart came into being on this day 32 years ago. Your ability to love, give and nurture has completely transformed my life (and makes me confident that you will be the most amazing father to our child!). And so, 32 reasons I love you:

1. Your big heart
2. Your hugs
3. Your wild intelligence
4. Your gorgeous singing voice
5. Your intense passion
6. Your ability to soothe a neurotic girl like me
7. Your kisses
8. Your introspection
9. Your determination
10. Your romance
11. Your writing and poetry
12. Your music
13. Your desire to spoil me
14. Your long, thick eyelashes (I'm so jealous!)
15. Your obsession with reading to our unborn child
16. Your newfound ability to mow lawns, make mulch piles, reroof garages, patch walls and service furnaces.
17. Your crazy persistence and faith that got us into our first house
18. Your lack of complacency
19. Your harvest lasagna, mmm!
20. Your enormous, overwhelming heart
21. Your sensitivity
22. Your love of Phish
23. Your love of camping
24. Your love of mountains
25. Your patience (lord knows you need it living with me:)
26. Your ability to say "I'm sorry"
27. Your ability to dream
28. Your sentimental nature
29. Your honesty and directness
30. Your insane ability to play with children for hours
31. Your curiosity
32. Your love for me

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  1. This is awesome! How did you get 32? Damn that's old... Love you!


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