Tuesday, November 1, 2011

15 weeks

I am 15 weeks today and struggling to write this post. My mind is blank, and that's my newest pregnancy symptom. The nausea has slowly been replaced by duhhhhhh. It's really insane and makes putting sentences together quite interesting given my brain just craps out mid-thought or cannot remember the most common, simple words. For instance, I'll ask my husband if he's seen that straight, plastic tool I use to get knots and tangles out of my hair (comb) or tell him I need some of those things that keep your feet warm (socks). These are not actual examples, because I have of course forgotten the real examples. 

The pics posted here are a few days shy of 15 weeks, but they work. I also hate the poor quality of night time shots with horrible hotel lighting, but hey...

I'm also really starting to look pregnant (check out the photos I posted yesterday)….that is if you know I'm pregnant. I marvel at my new curves, really, but I do sort of wish there was a special pin or badge pregnant women could wear for the first few months that read "yes, I'm pregnant!" just so there's no confusion. Believe me, I will be wearing this belly with pride and covering it in form-fitting apparel once it reaches a certain level of plumpness….I think pregnant bellies are simply beautiful, but I'm not quite at that level yet. I gave "wearing it with pride" a whirl this past weekend when my husband and I went out for a nice dinner in Stowe (up until now I've been wearing flowing tops in public only), but I ended up feeling self-concsious wondering if people just assumed I ate too much:)

Granted this was taken after I ate a sandwich and a glass of milk, but damn! It's pretty round and I can only see my toes. 15 weeks?

Alex and I also picked up a baby name book (highly recommend this book!) while we were in Vermont and over the course of an afternoon and the car ride home to Massachusetts, we read the entire thing! We have both felt pretty certain that we are having a girl since somewhere around the sixth week so we've been focusing on girl's name. Of course, we know our "feeling" could be wrong, but we'd both be in complete shock if they told us it's a boy (we'll be excited either way though). We have settled on a name though (our top choice) with two back-ups, because honestly I don't know how you can definitively decide before holding your child in your arms. I feel like we'll "know" then what her (or his) name is. And let me tell you, it's taken over a year of debating names for Alex and I to agree—yes, we've been discussing it for that long:) We are both writers thus very focused on words and meanings, and our child's name was no exception. Our combined requirements were: family name/association, significant and relevant meaning behind the name, hippie flair to it, some sort of nature association, and of course it has to flow well and sound pretty. Tall task, but we've fit it all into the one name we've chosen (both boy and girl). The world will have to wait another 25 weeks (I just had to use a calculator to figure that out, damn this pregnancy brain!) to hear it though, because we are keeping it our sweet secret. 

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